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Teens on Purpose

Learn how to become a Teen on Purpose with our programs for middle school girls. We offer a summer You Got This! event, which prepares incoming and existing 6th graders for what's ahead in middle school.


In addition, our Leader Labs are small group weekly discussions for middle school girls where they learn how to lead themselves in LIFE.

Explore our options for middle schoolers below! 

As girls enter middle school, new issues with friends, self-esteem, peer pressure, emotions, and self-motivation arise. During this period of transition, confidence couldn't be more important.

Who's It For?

You Got This! summer events are for incoming or existing 6th grade girls.

Leader Labs are for all middle school girls.


You Got This!

$97 / girl

Leader Lab

$25 / girl

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You Got This! event:

July 23, 2023

Leader Lab

Interested in joining a Leader Lab? Find a group or create one today!

What Teens Will Learn

The event taught me how to always be open, ask questions, resolve conflicts, and work well in friendships.
We always learned something really helpful in a really fun, interesting and engaging way!
What I liked most was how we learned skills to use in almost every situation in middle school...
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