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Women on Purpose

Mother and Daughter Hugging

We are excited to offer both private coaching for women and group workshops for moms and daughters. 

Our 6-10 week Private Coaching and confidence building program includes a discovery session, followed by a confidence assessment and boosting plan, weekly/biweekly focus sheets and homework assignments, 5 individual coaching sessions, email support during and after you've completed the program, and access to our personal library of confidence building resource guides. 


Our Mom-Daughter Duets gather three to five mother-daughter pairs in a one-time 90-minute workshop. Moms get to grow right alongside their daughters (4th - 8th grades) while both gain the tools to greater foundational confidence.


Private Coaching

Whether you are a professional, college graduate starting her career, or a mom who wants to gain confidence alongside her daughter, we tailor our private coaching to your goals and needs. 

Mom-Daughter Duets

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Mom-Daughter Duets are for moms and their daughters in the 4th - 8th grades.

Gather your group and register for a 90-minute workshop!


Future CEO

Danielle has helped me focus my intentions, both personally and professionally, helping me realize the person I want to be. Because of Danielle's coaching skills, I am more focused on reaching my goals and I have a plan on how to reach them. Coaching is like having a one-on-one session with someone who is completely focused on helping you realize what you already know. I'm the driver and Danielle is my GPS - she helps me get to where I want to be."

Marie, Sales Rep &

Mom of Three

With Danielle I was able to work through a variety of concerning areas in work and life.  She helped me to break things down, re-prioritize my focus and do less. Bringing balance and confidence back in my life. I like the way Danielle created a process of making me the conduit of creating my own solutions.
I was able to eliminate a lot of unrewarding activities without any consequences and that opened me up to follow more productive activities that led to a happier me. 

Sarah, Health &

Nutrition Expert

Working with Danielle helped me to set stretching, yet achievable goals, increase my self-awareness and feel more self-empowered and confident. Our coaching also benefited my work and life by giving me insight from another’s perspective. It opened up ideas and things to work on that I hadn’t noticed or thought about before. The accountability for me was a huge motivator as well. The particular strength Danielle brought to our coaching sessions was that she understood life as a mom, and that made me feel understood.
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