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Advisory Board

Advisory Board, MyGirl Coaching, team of young women and girls, confidence workshops and coaching
Margaret McKay, MyGirl Coaching Advisory Board President

Margaret McKay

Board Chair

I joined MyGirl Coaching in 2015 when I taught my first confidence workshop and have been involved with the organization ever since! It's exciting for me to be part of making such a big difference in my own community.

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Jennifer Masse, Advisory Board Member, MyGirl Coaching

Jennifer Masse

Board Member

I joined the Advisory Board several years after my two daughters enthusiastically participated in a MyGirl Coaching class! As a licensed school psychologist, I believe that these programs are filling an important mental health need in an affordable and accessible way.  

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Bella DeSilva, Advisory Board Member, MyGirl Coaching

Bella DeSilva

Board Member

I am a recent college graduate and joined the Board in 2023. My specific interests lie in expanding the reach of MyGirl Coaching beyond our local community. One way I've helped to do this is by writing course curriculum for the Girls on Purpose program.

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Emily Kastigar, Advisory Board Member, MyGirl Coaching

Emily Kastigar

Board Member

I am both a past participant and ongoing supporter of MyGirl Coaching's programs and joined the Advisory Board in 2023. My passion is for empowering youth to explore who they truly are and helping them to discover what they want to do in the world!

Growing confident women and girls.

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Girl on Purpose

How to Help Your Girl Build Self-Confidence and Do All That She's Meant for in the World

You can build your girl’s self-confidence and set her on a path to believing in her ability to be or do anything she wants to in the world ... and it’s not as hard as you think.

Author Danielle Fuligni McKay draws on her vast experience leading groups that teach girls self confidence and her own personal story as a positive parent to offer parents, mentors, teachers and coaches of adolescent and teenage girls powerful methods for raising confident girls with the ability to manage emotions.

Girl on Purpose covers McKay's entire journey—what caused her low self-confidence as a kid, the a-ha moment that turned it around, and what she does to continue building her daughters’ power muscles to this day.

In this book you’ll learn: The breakthrough that empowered McKay to choose self-confidence · How to create a confidence framework for your girl · The importance of mindset (yours and hers) · Her technique to successfully manage negative self-talk · How she started owning her emotions and taught her girls to do the same · Why your daughter’s circle of friends matters.

Rearview of a Girl Soccer Player

"This book is a must-read for anyone seeking ways to live a more purpose-filled life alongside their girl. Many of the highlights provide tools that are simple, effective and will lead you and your girl on a journey of self-discovery. I highly recommend it!"

Louise Arsenault, Professional Soccer Player and Coach

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