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Terms of Use

As the parent of the named participant, in consideration of the participation of my child in MyGirl Coaching workshops and events, under the supervision of the staff, I indemnify and hold harmless MyGirl Coaching, LLC from any liability arising from, or proximately caused by my child's participation in this program, including the possibility of contracting Covid-19.

As the parent of the named participant, I also agree, represent and warrant that neither I nor my participating child will participate in the services or programs of MyGirl Coaching, LLC if she is experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, or has a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19.

 I grant my permission to use my child's photographs/videos taken during MyGirl Coaching, LLC events, as described, for any legal use, including but not limited to: publicity, copyright purposes, illustration, advertising, and web content. Furthermore, I understand that no royalty, fee, or other compensation shall become payable to me by reason of such use.


In the case of private, one-on-one sessions, I understand that the services to be provided are coaching or virtual coaching. Coaching, which is not advice, therapy, or counseling, may address specific personal issues, or general conditions in my child's life. I further understand that my child is solely the decision-maker in the coaching process. Any and all actions by her or resulting consequences from the coaching session are the responsibility of my child and myself. I release the coach and MyGirl Coaching LLC of all liability pertaining to the services rendered in the

coaching relationship.


The coaching relationship is completely confidential. MyGirl Coaching LLC will not disclose the identity of a participant and will not reveal the contents of a coaching session to anyone unless legally compelled to do so. Participants are free to share whatever they choose from their sessions with others.


A full refund will be issued if cancellation is more than 48 hours prior to an event/session. No refunds are given for cancellations less than 48 hours prior to the event/session. However, tuition may be applied as credit toward a future MyGirl Coaching workshop. 

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