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Custom Workshops

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Give the gift of confidence to your girl! Create a custom workshop that suits your needs and schedule.


At MyGirl Coaching, we believe that self-confidence is a choice. So, it was only a matter of time before we started offering workshops to help girls learn the tools and skills to grow themselves stronger.

In our foundational core confidence class, each girl brings to life her own inner-confidence coach. She'll learn to coach herself and draw confidence from manners, friendships, values, grounding, choices, standing out, self talk, taking risks, failing forward, emotions, intuition, community, healthy bodies, and healthy body image.

As a result, she'll BE herself more, TRUST herself more, and LEARN to have FUN in the process. Each foundational workshop is 90-minutes long and age-specific. No two workshops are alike, as we're always developing new material. All of our programs involve group discussions and interactive games or activities, as well as some individual writing exercises and/or art projects. 

Explore our custom workshop options below, and contact us to create your own event!

Custom Workshop Options

Beth, Recruiting Specialist

Danielle is an incredible influence on our younger generation of girls. She is passionate and focused in her effort to build their confidence and self-esteem, while reinforcing the importance of giving back to the community around us. I have seen her in action as a coach teaching girls important life lessons about being healthy and being good to oneself and others. She shines as a role model, with a genuine approach that renders immediate credibility and trust."

Girl Participant

I used to think it was selfish to say positive traits about myself because I thought it was rude.
Now I think it’s just something about me and it’s not selfish.

Lee, Artist Extraordinaire

Working with Danielle has helped me to look at the challenges in my life from a broader perspective, and to discover effective solutions that were waiting just outside my everyday awareness. As a result of our sessions, I can see my current patterns of being and doing more clearly and have adopted new approaches that are more in alignment with and supportive of my goals.
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