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Custom Workshops

Custom Workshops


Girls and teens in grades 4 - 8 can customize a program to meet their needs to gain confidence, establish great friendships, and increase their leadership skills.  


Core Confidence 1&2

This two-part workshop is our signature program where we teach girls to coach themselves to more foundational confidence.  Confidence 1 must be taken before Core Confidence 2 because they build on each other.

Core Confidence 3

In this workshop, girls learn to coach out their growth mindset and see ALL challenges as fun and exciting. In addition, we come full circle with Teddy Snicken and Coach Sally returning for an encore performance! At the end, participants receive a booklet summarizing all of the confidence-building tools they've learned through the MyGirl Coaching workshops. 

Confident Friendships

In this course, we coach girls around CHOOSING friends who build us up and how BEING a good friend grows confidence too. Learn how to make new friends while respecting the old.

Core Leadership 1&2

In this two-part leadership series, girls learn to coach out their confidence and natural leadership skills. In this two-class series, your girl becomes more in tune with who she is at the core and develops a roadmap to lead herself and others going forward.

Detailed Descriptions of Custom Workshops


Choose how many girls you'd like to organize, and our team will come directly to you anywhere in the Trivalley NorCal area! We'll personally coordinate with you to find a day and time that fits everyone's schedules.


All you need to provide is:

  • Similarly-aged girls; and

  • A workable workspace (including rental fee, if any) which can be a classroom, a living room or any other creative location you can think of ... we're pretty open-minded!


Customized to your selections.

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