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Private Coaching

Flower Buds

Girls, teens, and women of all ages and stages in life can hit a rut and need to recenter their level of confidence. Whether you are a young girl, teenager, college graduate starting her career, established professional, or a mom who wants to gain confidence alongside her daughter, we tailor our private coaching to meet your needs and goals. 

We can help you gain confidence and succeed in LIFE!

Our private coaching includes a confidence assessment and boosting plan, weekly/biweekly focus sheets and homework assignments, individual coaching sessions, email support during and after you've completed the program, and access to our personal library of confidence-building resource guides.

Contact us to explore personalized, private, one-on-one coaching options, or consider your own self-study with reflections from Danielle Fuligni McKay's book, Girl on Purpose.

Who's It For?

Girls, teens, and women of all ages and stages in their lives and careers!


Private Coaching 

Initial Consultation - $125

Stand-alone session - $125

5-Session Package - $500


Contact us to schedule your initial consultation today! We will develop a personalized coaching package that fits your needs and goals.


Creative Engineer 

Danielle is very good at drawing me out and making me think about things a little differently. She also offers examples and stories from what she's read and learned. Overall I found her to be very professional, insightful, disciplined, and knowledgeable. And kind. I would recommend her
to anyone.

Michelle, Independent Business Woman

With never using a life coach before, I found Danielle very easy to talk with and always professional. She is very insightful and was able to make me see things in a new light and help me focus in the right areas. It was a pleasure working with Danielle and I would recommend her to anyone struggling with life decisions of any kind.

Karen, Inspired 

Preschool Teacher

Danielle is an amazing coach who I admire a lot. She helped me navigate through some decisions I needed to make personally & helped me bring these decisions home with me to discuss in a really healthy way. I loved the exercises we did together & the way she brings out information in me so I can guide myself to the right place.
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