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Private Coaching

Private MyGirl Coaching


Girls, teens, and women of all ages and stages in life can hit a rut and need to recenter their level of confidence. Whether you are a young girl, teenager, college graduate starting her career, established professional, or a mom who wants to gain confidence alongside her daughter, we tailor our private coaching to meet your needs and goals. 


Our private coaching includes a confidence assessment and boosting plan, weekly/biweekly focus sheets and homework assignments, individual coaching sessions, email support during and after you've completed the program, and access to our personal library of confidence-building resource guides.


Contact us to begin your personalized, private, one-on-one coaching sessions. We can host sessions either virtually or in-person in the Trivalley NorCal area.

Book your initial consultation today! 


Initial Consultation - $125

1 Stand-alone Private Coaching Session - $125

5 Private Coaching Sessions Package - $500

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