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Teens: Leader Lab

Leader Lab
Weekly Group Forum 
Confidence for Girls, Leader Lab weekly group for teenagers, teens

All middle school girls.

The Leader Lab is a weekly meeting of middle school girls where they learn how to become leaders in LIFE. 



Leader Labs cover topics such as creating your inner compass, learning to self-motivate, Q&A sessions with current students, making new friends and navigating friendship drama, having a healthy body image, focusing on what we "want" versus what we "don't want," conflict resolution, emotional intelligence (EQ), and so much more. 


Please contact us prior to registering for the Leader Lab to find the best day / time / location for your girl. We may have existing groups available, or you can create your own group of girls.

If you have already confirmed your group and location with MyGirl Coaching, please complete this form and payment.


$35 / girl per session

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