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Girls: Girls on Purpose

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Girls on Purpose at
Kolb Elementary

4-5th grade girls at Kolb Elementary School in Dublin, CA.


The Girls on Purpose Program is designed to help young girls build the skills to do and be all that they're meant for in the world. 

The program consists of eight 90-minute sessions focused on self-esteem, self-confidence and confident friendships.


Date:   Monday, Sept 18 - Monday, Nov 6, 2023 

Time:   2:15pm - 3:45 pm

Place:  Kolb Elementary School Library


Session 1: Welcome & Self-Esteem

Session 2: Finding Your Framework

Session 3: Healthy Self Talk 

Session 4: Emotional Confidence

Session 5: Perfectionism & Growth Mindset

Session 6: Friendship Basics

Session 7: Friendship Drama

Session 8: Celebration & Wrap-up 


$250 / participant

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