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Would you like to host a Girls on Purpose program for your own group of girls? The Girls on Purpose Curriculum provides educators with the lessons to teach the Girls on Purpose Program. The objectives of the program are to grow the self-esteem, self-confidence, and friendship and leadership skills of its participants. The target audiences for this curriculum are educators of 4th-6th grade girls.


This package includes our in-depth Girls on Purpose Curriculum and 2 Introductory Coaching Sessions from MyGirl Coaching to help you launch your program.



Topics covered include self-esteem, core values, self-talk, emotional confidence, mindset, friendship basics and friendship skills. Participants who complete the program will uncover positive traits about themselves, discover what core values motivate them, develop helpful self-talk, understand their emotions better, explore their growth mindset and acquire tools and skills to navigate friendships.



This 84-page curriculum is organized into eight (8) classes/sessions. Ideally, classes should be taught over the course of eight (8) consecutive weeks. Classes require 60-90 minutes to complete, depending on group size, participation level, etc. The ideal group size is 10-12 participants.


The lessons are as follows:


  • Introduction & Self-Esteem
  • Core Values
  • Self-Talk
  • Emotional Confidence
  • Perfectionism & Growth Mindset
  • Friendship Basics
  • Friendship Drama
  • Wrap up & Celebration


All lessons begin with the following information: Materials Needed, Learning Objectives and Setting Up.


The body of all lessons include three (3) sections: Introduction, Today’s Lesson and Closing Sharing Circle. Suggested language for instructors is written in italics or “within quotation marks.” More imperative instructor language is in red bold.


Finally, lessons end with: Instructor’s Notes and an Appendix.


Upon purchase, you will receive the first Girls on Purpose Lesson: Self-Esteem.


After you schedule your first coaching session, the MyGirl Coaching team will provide you with the full curriculum and schedule your second coaching session.

Girls on Purpose Program Curriculum

  • You will receive the FIRST CHAPTER of the Girls on Purpose Program, a digital PDF file that you may utilize for your own personal use for implementing the Girls on Purpose program. Please download the file upon purchase or check your email for the download link. 

    Please schedule your first session with MyGirl Coaching to proceed with program training. After your first coaching session, you will receive the full curriculum, an 84-page digital PDF file with all lessons included.

    This is a digital product. No physical product will be delivered to you. 

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