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Girls on Purpose

Girls on Purpose Program
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Girls in the 4th - 6th grades.

Girls on Purpose is an 8-week program that helps girls develop self-esteem, self-confidence, and confident friendships. Each weekly session lasts 90 minutes. 


This registration form is for a private group of girls only.


After-school Girls on Purpose programs may be available at your school here.



The Girls on Purpose program roughly follows the Girl on Purpose book chapters: building self-esteem, finding your core values, self-talk and perfectionism, choosing perspective, emotional confidence, confident friendships (part 1 & 2), and then a wrap up session where the girls make a vision board. Confident friendship part 1 is about toxic versus true friendships; Part 2 is about conflict and how to express and stand up for yourself.


Gather your group of girls and find a mutual day, time, and location where we can meet with your group for 8 weeks consistently. Our team will come directly to you anywhere in the Trivalley NorCal area! 


All you need to provide is:

  • A group of similarly-aged girls; and

  • A workable workspace (including rental fee, if any) which can be a classroom, a living room or any other creative location you can think of ... we're pretty open-minded!

Grab your group of girls and let's get started!


$200 / girl

Private Group Registration

Select an Event ($)

Thanks for registering!

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