tools for confidence


The list below represents some of the confidence-building tools I use and teach to my clients. How they're applied depends on who I'm working with and in what format. 


  • KNOWING YOURSELF. Values, beliefs, emotional awareness, strengths, weaknesses.

  • SELF TALK. Thoughts influence actions - you can be your worst critic or greatest champion.

  • CHOICE & PERSPECTIVE. The power of...

  • INTUITION. Learning to identify & trust it.

  • GROUNDING. How to do it.

  • NATURAL CREATIVITY & RESOURCEFULNESS. Realizing & accessing yours.

  • COURAGE, PERSISTENCE & RESILIENCE. Taking risks & bouncing back.

  • SUCCESS & FAILURE. Recognizing & examining each - experience is additive.

  • RIGHT BRAIN THINKING. Including positive psychology & neuroscience.

  • DESIGNING COMMUNITY. Surrounding yourself with people who build you up.