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"The best part of the coaching process was the real-time conversations with Danielle. These were very transformative and I carry a lot of what we talked about with me all the time, and know that I always will. To someone who's considering coaching with Danielle, I'd say, unreservedly: Do it. Danielle is a master of seeing what you might not see in yourself, making you think important thoughts, and changing your perspective for the better."

- A., Passionate Mom & Travel Writer



"Danielle is an excellent listener and she guides sessions with thoughtful and pointed questions. Through our work together, she has helped me uncover and explore thoughts, values and feelings that I had not fully realized that I had. She has also helped me create a mindset that draws upon some of my strengths in one aspect of my life that I can apply to help me calmly and strategically approach some of my job-related challenges. I highly recommend Danielle to anyone interested in better aligning their goals, values and talents."
- Nadia, Presidential Management Fellow



"With Danielle I was able to work through a variety of concerning areas in work and life.  She helped me to break things down, re-prioritize my focus and do less. Bringing balance and confidence back in my life. I like the way Danielle created a process of making me the conduit of creating my own solutions. I was able to eliminate a lot of unrewarding activities without any consequences and that opened me up to follow more productive activities that led to a happier me.  Even though it wasn’t a direct focus with my coaching, shortly after my sessions I got a promotion. I have to think there was a direct relation to my coaching with Danielle."

- Marie, Sales Rep & Mom of Three



"Danielle has helped me focus my intentions, both personally and professionally, helping me realize the person I want to be. Because of Danielle's coaching skills, I am more focused on reaching my goals and I have a plan on how to reach them. Coaching is like having a one-on-one session with someone who is completely focused on helping you realize what you already know. I'm the driver and Danielle is my GPS - she helps me get to where I want to be."
- Angela, Future CEO


"Working with Danielle has helped me to look at the challenges in my life from a broader perspective, and to discover effective solutions that were waiting just outside my everyday awareness. As a result of our sessions, I can see my current patterns of being and doing more clearly and have adopted new approaches that are more in alignment with and supportive of my goals."

- Lee, Artist Extraordinaire



"I couldn't imagine a better coach than Danielle. She has helped me to learn so much about myself. She always asks the right questions to guide me toward the decision that is right for me, and her passion inspires me to achieve my goals. She has shown me that my dreams are achievable and has given me the spark to pursue them. I would recommend Danielle to all my friends and family and to anyone looking for a great life coach." 

- Jenn, Environmental Scientist



"A natural and talented coach, Danielle is passionate, dedicated and focused. She creates an ideal environment for a productive partnership with her generous spirit and positive outlook. Insightful and intuitive, she continues to inspire me throughout the coaching process, while nurturing my courage and confidence. We have together identified and developed skills that I will always remember and rely on in my continued pursuit of a full and meaningful life."

- Anna, Spirited Student



"Danielle is an incredible influence on our younger generation of girls. She is passionate and focused in her effort to build their confidence and self-esteem, while reinforcing the importance of giving back to the community around us. I have seen her in action as a coach teaching girls important life lessons about being healthy and being good to oneself and others. She shines as a role model, with a genuine approach that renders immediate credibility and trust."

- Beth, Recruiting Specialist



"With never using a life coach before, I found Danielle very easy to talk with and always professional. She is very insightful and was able to make me see things in a new light and help me focus in the right areas. It was a pleasure working with Danielle and I would recommend her to anyone struggling with life decisions of any kind."

- Michelle, Independent Business Woman



"Working with Danielle helped me to set stretching, yet achievable goals, increase my self-awareness and feel more self-empowered and confident. Our coaching also benefited my work and life by giving me insight from another’s perspective. It opened up ideas and things to work on that I hadn’t noticed or thought about before. The accountability for me was a huge motivator as well. The particular strength Danielle brought to our coaching sessions was that she understood life as a mom, and that made me feel understood. As a result, I was able to achieve my goals weekly, I was challenged and I felt confident in all of my actions."

- Sarah, Health & Nutrition Expert 



"Danielle is very good at drawing me out and making me think about things a little differently. She also offers examples and stories from what she's read and learned. Overall I found her to be very professional, insightful, disciplined, and knowledgeable. And kind. I would recommend her to anyone."

- Jocelyn, Creative Engineer 



"Danielle is an amazing coach who I admire a lot. She helped me navigate through some decisions I needed to make personally & helped me bring these decisions home with me to discuss in a really healthy way. I loved the exercises we did together & the way she brings out information in me so I can guide myself to the right place. She really does have a way of listening & asking all the right questions! If you have a crossroads that you might be at in your life, need help navigating your way through career, parenting or personal decisions, she really, really is a terrific choice. I've been to therapy for years off & on, because I'm a person who believes in working things out, talking & seeking advice. This was something I wasn't too familiar with. Now, I understand the value of a coach & really appreciate the role they can have in helping me explore my options, bringing out the best in me by letting ME do the work in a safe, accountable way."

- Karen, Inspired Pre-school Teacher


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