Raising Confident Girls

So many great programs exist today expressly to help build the next generation of girls. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and we are teeming with them! And last year before moving cross-country, I coached a group of 8-10 year olds in Virginia through the amazing Girls on the Run (GOTR) organization which uses fitness to empower youth. It is truly something to behold when you see the transformation made by some of these kids right before your very eyes.

However, I'm finally realizing that what I really feel passionate about is not just how to build girls self-confidence in general and through outside, external programs and activities. But rather how to make this kind of work more internal, at home and personal. The program leader? Well that would be the one and only queen of queens role-model in that little (or maybe no longer little) girl's eyes - you. The way I see raising confident girls is for moms everywhere to start walking the talk of what it means to truly be a confident woman. Your daughter is looking to you for guidance first and foremost. She is taking your lead. And you will always be a major part of her circle of influence.

Maybe some of you think you're already setting a good example for your daughter and that's wonderful. Please, please, please keep up this super important work. But others of you know that you could somehow be more confident in your life. For those of you, I invite you to close your eyes and picture in your mind the sweet, open, innocent face of your daughter. Maybe she's 12. Maybe she's only 2. Or 22. But just visualize her in all her possibility, all of her glory, maybe doing something that she loves, loves, loves to do. Smiling, laughing. Maybe you're in the back yard. Playing a sport. Or in the living room. And occasionally she looks to you sitting off to the side for some sign of approval, safety and guidance. Now imagine her stopping what she is doing and making her way over to you...maybe crawling, walking or running, or even cart-wheeling! Settling in next to you, she looks up again with that face of openness and possibility. You can see it in her eyes....she needs you to be more confident in some way or area of your life. And this time not just for you. For her. And you know it too. Tell me, what is that way? This is where you start.