Wonder Women, Wonder Girls

I couldn't wait to take my daughters (and son) to see Wonder Woman and I finally did last Friday night. At $12.50 a ticket, it was worth...every...cent. I think we all left the cinema feeling like we could accomplish anything! I believe movies depicting women as central, strong and having totally kick-ass adventures are more important than ever today. Consider this recent anecdote...I was in the pediatrician's office a few weeks ago with my 9-year old and, I kid you not, the three magazines on the waiting room table were Boys Life, Pregnancy Magazine, and Pregnancy & More. I'm sure this layout wasn't intentional but my daughter then turned to me and said "I feel like girls are only encouraged to become moms, like that's our main purpose in life. But boys are encouraged to go discover and invent things, to have adventures and be amazing and brilliant." I don't know if she noticed the display but sadly, this IS the unspoken message our girls continue to receive on a regular, daily basis. If they don't have anyone verbally encouraging them to be amazing and brilliant, and they don't see any women around them discovering and inventing things, what ARE they to expect of themselves?