Two Fascinating Things Happened Today...

We took a walk down the road this afternoon to visit Fancy the neighborhood horse and feed him some apples. The owner's daughter previously told us he liked to eat them whole. So my two kids each dropped an apple in his pen. But try as he might Fancy couldn't quite gum them into his mouth. Fancy is literally and figuratively long in the tooth. About 30 years old and teeth so overgrown he can't open his jaws wide enough to fit much other than mush. I know, sad. But wouldn't you know it, a second later, he stomped on one of the apples and made his own apple mush! Slopped up every last drop. Couldn't believe our eyes!

So, that still left one uneaten apple (Elizabeth's) and it wasn't looking good. We started to leave. As we were walking away, she began whining "Fancy doesn't like me!" So, I said to her "Elizabeth, that's not true! You don't know what Fancy's thinking. YOU CAN MAKE THIS MEAN ANYTHING YOU WANT IT TO. It could mean he's no longer hungry. It could mean he's saving it for later. It could mean he didn't see the other apple. Or it could mean he doesn't like you. Which one are you going to choose?" After some silence, she started crying "I just wanted him to eat my apple." "Ok, now that's ok to be upset about. I understand. I'm sorry honey. But don't make yourself also feel badly by saying Fancy doesn't like you. Be nice to yourself. Ok?" "Ok Mama."

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