The Many Faces of Self-Confidence

MyGirl Coaching held its first Confidence Workshops last weekend and by all counts they were a total success! My daughter helped me lead the charge and I only hope that participants learned as much as we both did from the experiences. That's not to say everything went perfectly or that I enjoyed every minute. In fact, I was completely unprepared for one thing in particular. In both workshops, there were a couple of girls that were very disruptive, silly, got us off-track several times and in general detracted from the learning of the rest of the group, especially the quieter girls. It was frustrating for me because I wanted so badly for everyone to hear every single thing I had to say! But instead I found myself disciplining, talking over their jokes and just trying to control the chaos. Afterward when I got home, I quickly started looking on the computer for ways to handle "difficult" or "disruptive" students. And I kept coming up with things like how to help unmotivated kids, negative attitudes, etc. As I kept searching I had an epiphany. These girls weren't negative detractors. Quite the opposite, they were full of life. And social. And active. And wanting positive attention - for their humor. They were...class clowns! And here's the real epiphany - I bet some were using their humor to cover up an insecurity or lack of confidence. Turns out they were in the right place afterall!