Many Best Versions of Her

For mothers, our daughters are watching our every move. At all times we are teaching them how to be or not to be confident women in the world. We have an absolute duty and responsibility to model for them. Part of this modeling is to remain open-minded. What I mean by this is that our daughters' best version of themself may not be the same best version WE have in mind for them. Our job is not to guide them into becoming mini-us'. Rather, our role is to help open their eyes to what it is to be a woman living confidently on purpose.

Expose your daughter to a variety of strong, passionate women in a variety of settings, doing many different things. If she likes art, bring her to your artist friend's studio. Maybe politics is appealing? Take her on a trip to meet her congressional representative. Or if she loves helping people, hand-deliver examples of local soup kitchen organizers, therapists, nurses, etc. Let your daughter decide what the best version of herself is. And you will be appreciated for truly great modeling!