Sweet Moments Like This

What a sweet experience today talking to my daughter's 4-year old pre-school class during career week on what it means to be a Confidence Coach. I am both struck and humbled by the capacity of these little souls to comprehend and embrace such important concepts at a young age. I was also humbled by my daughter's comment afterward - "Mom, but why can't you do something cool like be a doctor or a fireman?" Hey, at least I gave out stickers - I thought that was pretty cool!

The moment was especially moving because I had looked forward to the day when I could proudly tell my children what it is I do for a living. In my previous job I'm pretty sure I wasn't making a noticeable difference and this tore me up inside because I felt like a hypocrite. I wanted so much more for my girls. It would literally bring tears to my eyes imagining having to one day admit I did not follow my heart, soul and gut. Luckily my kids were still very young and I've made the changes I needed to since. My daughter's teacher came up to me after class and said that my presentation was so great, that the kids all totally got it and that it now made sense to her why my girls are the way they are, so well-adjusted and confident. Now, if that isn't making a difference I'm not sure what is.