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Workshop Photos! 


"My daughter hasn't stopped talking about the workshop and her rocks! She really got a lot out of the workshop. She told me about the rock representing her core and that it never changes... POWERFUL!"

"My daughter loved the workshop yesterday! She was talking about it the whole time. She said she has learned how to coach herself and forget her grumbling thoughts. I am so glad she enjoyed it and it helped her realize she can do better by thinking better."

"Kate had a wonderful time and we had a great discussion at dinner about gremlins and coaches. I think she learned a lot about herself today..."

"Elise loved the workshop and she told us all about it over dinner and shared her rock. We are excited to go through the follow-up questions together!"

"What a great afternoon to build confidence and also girl friendships. Love this!!!!"

"Celia says, "it was fun. I learned a lot about myself, actually. If I had to rate it, I would rate it a 10!"


"When I picked Kayley up, the first words out of her mouth were, "When can I do this again??"

"We did our questions and our daughter must have really paid attention and you must have explained well because she had explanations for all of them. Then she gave me two very thoughtful examples of gremlin thoughts and how she combated them."

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