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There's no question about it....self-confidence strengthens mother-daughter relationships. Why? Because as you start to believe in yourself more, you learn to believe in eachother more. In our duet workshops, moms get to grow right alongside their girls while both gain the tools to greater foundational confidence. Additionally, you develop a shared language to reinforce important concepts after you return to your real life.








Choose between either the three-duet (3 moms, 3 daughters) or five-duet (5 moms, 5 daughters) program and our team will come directly to you anywhere in the Tri-Valley NorCal area! All you need to provide is 1. some other moms and their similarly-aged daughters (ages 7-13) and 2. a workable workspace (including rental fee, if any) which can be a classroom, a living room or any other creative location you can think of - we're pretty open-minded! The workshop is 90-minutes long and is our Signature Core Confidence program unless additional topics are discussed with enough advance notice. Topics covered by the Core Confidence program include knowing, following and trusting your values, identifying and dispelling inner critics, emotions, community, goals and accountability. Once you choose either the three-duet or five-duet option, we'll personally coordinate with you to find a day & time that fits everyone's schedules.


So, grab some friends and let the fun begin!



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