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The Leader Lab

The Leader Lab is a weekly meeting of incoming 6th grade girls where, every Wednesday, we learn one thing to prepare for middle school and become leaders of ourselves in LIFE. Past Labs have included creating our inner compass, learning to self-motivate, Q&A sessions with current 6th graders, making new friends and navigating friendship drama, having a healthy body image, focusing on what we "want" versus what we "don't want", conflict resolution, emotional intelligence (EQ) and so much more. 

Cost is $25/girl.

Join whatever Lab(s) you want. Just visit our FB Page to sign-up! 

"I looked forward to the Leader Lab every week because we always learned something really helpful in a really fun, interesting and engaging way!"

"What I liked most about the Leader Lab was how we learned skills to use in almost every situation in middle school..."

"The Leader Lab taught me how to always be open, ask questions, resolve conflicts and work well in friendships."

"My favorite Lab was when we spoke about what to expect in middle school and the 6th grade expert Q&A panel!" 

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