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In my practice, I adhere to the Ethical Standards for Co-Active® Coaches
outlined below as well as the  


Ethical Standards for Co‐Active® Coaches:


  1. We hold the content of the relationship with our clients as confidential. Even the names of our clients are confidential unless the client gives permission to mention or use their name.

  2. We do not break the law for our clients, nor do we act as accomplices to a client’s acts of violence or law breaking.

  3. We do not enter into financial agreements with a client based on the client’s results; e.g., the client will give the coach a 10% bonus based on the sales bonus they receive from their corporation. The coach does not expect or solicit any gifts or rewards from the client. Any gift from client to coach is unsolicited and completely at the client’s discretion.

  4. When we enter into agreements with corporations, we hold each individual we coach as a client, and we respect each client’s right to confidentiality.

  5. We do not work with clients whom we cannot champion and see their growing edge.

  6. We are committed to our client’s transformation and use rigorous Self‐Management so that we are fully able to hold the client’s agenda rather than our own.

  7. We treat our colleagues, competitors and the coaching profession with honor and respect.

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